Moving to Cleveland? Here’s all the neighborhoods and everything you need to know about them!

Tremont, Cleveland:

Just a hop from Downtown Cleveland, Tremont is full of amazing restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and amazing artists! There’s plenty to keep you busy, cozy homes, great schools, and is a wonderful place to vacation or move to.

3 Must Do’s While in Tremont:

  1. Stop by a famous speakeasy that’s very well known – The Velvet Tango Room serves delicious cocktail drinks and offers a great space to take a load off.
  2. Grab some grub at The Bourbon Street Barrell Room, comfort cajun food at it’s finest, you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Go take a tour at the famous “The Christmas Story House”. This a popular attraction!

Schools Located in Tremont:

  1. Tremont Montessori – Elementary School
  2. Scranton – Elementary – Middle School
  3. Fredrick Douglas – High School
  4. Lincoln West School – High School

Broadway-Salvic Village, Cleveland

Broadway-Salvic Village, Cleveland:

Full of gardens and parks, you’ll never want a picnic anywhere else other than at Broadway-Salvic Village. This tight community offers an amazing historic district with tons of quality restaurants, retail, and public areas.

3 Must Do’s in Broadway-Salvic Village:

  1. Start your day right with breakfast from The Red Chimney, they serve up modern European style food.
  2. Rent a bike from Nitty E-Bikes and take a bicycle tour of the Historical District of Broadway-Salvic Village
  3. Check out The Magalen to see live performances and amazing art.

Schools in Broadway-Salvic Village:

  1. Albert Bushnell Hart – Elementary School
  2. Miles Park School – Elementary & Middle School
  3. Regent – High School

Clark Fulton Cleveland

Clark Fulton, Cleveland:

A multicultural neighborhood that offers great art, music, entrepreneurship, education, and a community that has a dense population of Hispanic and Latinx culture.

3 Must Do’s in Clark Fulton:

  1. Fine dining at it’s finest at Johnny’s Bar, enjoy upscale Italian dishes and a wide variety of wine.
  2. Go to The St. Rocco’s Festival, it’s held once a year only in the summer but has a great sense of culture and tons of fun things to do!
  3. Take a history tour and explore all the wonders of Clark Fulton!

Schools in Clark Fulton:

  1. Paul L. Dunbar – Elementary School
  2. Scranton – Elementary & Middle School
  3. Lincoln West – High School

South Collinwood, Cleveland

Collinwood, Cleveland

Murals line the streets through the Waterloo Arts District, making this community a creative and unique one. Opportunity is through the roof of tapping into your own artistic abilities in Collinwood.

3 Must Do’s in Collinwood:

  1. Take a stroll through the Waterloo Arts District in the Garden Walk and explore live music, art galleries, and Lake Erie.
  2. Hit up the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern for amazing live performances, great events.
  3. Best pizza in town… go and visit Citizen Pie and grab a slice.

Schools in Collinwood:

  1. East Clark – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Collinwood High School – High School

Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland

Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland

No shortage of great restaurants, bars, or entertainment. Take a stroll, tan, or sight-see along the Edgewater Park. Detroit Shoreway offers ample activities right along Lake Erie.

3 Must Do’s in Detroit Shoreway:

  1. Catch a movie at the Cleveland Cinemas, they have all the new top movies playing.
  2. Explore the Cleveland EcoVillage, a socio-economically diverse community.
  3. Go grab a bite from Astoria Cafe & Market, a Mediterranean heaven.

Schools in Detroit Shoreway:

  1. Clark – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Max S. Hayes – High School

Fairfax Cleveland

Fairfax, Cleveland

Full of historic architecture, Fairfax is an ever-changing community great for theatre, food, and culture.

3 Must Do’s in Fairfax:

  1. Grab a delicious lunch from New Shaan India.
  2. Take a stroll through the beautiful Ault Park and discover just how beautiful Cleveland can be.
  3. End the night by going to Hap’s Irish Pub, grab a drink, and play some darts!

Schools in Fairfax:

  1. Fairfax Elementary – Elementary School
  2. Mary B. Martin – Elementary & Middle School
  3. Invictus High School – High School

Glenville, Cleveland

Great coffee, cute and stylish boutiques, Glenville has so much to do and see! It’s even where the Superhero, Superman was originally created!

3 Must Do’s in Glenville:

  1. Visit the Superman House, yes, you can see where the magic happened.
  2. Stop by the Immersive Van Gogh Museum and enjoy all the artwork through a great experience.
  3. Start your day off right by grabbing a cup of coffee from Cleveland Cold Brew.

Schools in Glenville:

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Glenville High School – High School

Hough, Cleveland

Hough, Cleveland

Located between MidTown and University Circle, so much history and rich culture fills the streets in Hough.

3 Must Do’s in Hough:

  1. Go visit the African American Museum of Cleveland.
  2. Take a stroll down the history of baseball at the Baseball Heritage Museum.
  3. After all your exploring, take a trip the Winery at Chateau Hough.

Schools in Hough:

  1. Mary M Bethune – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Daniel E Morgan – Elementary & Middle School
  3. CMSD – East Professional Center – High School

Kinsman, Cleveland

A sense of community grows strong in Kinsman, with locally grown produce, local entrepreneurs, and education for the next generation.

3 Must Do’s in Kinsman:

  1. Head down to the North Union Farmers Market and get some fresh, locally grown food.
  2. Explore the Cleveland Garlic Festival, weekends only!
  3. Finish the night by grabbing some grub and drinks at The Fairmont.

Schools in Kinsman:

  1. Andrew J. Rickoff School – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Regent High School – High School

Lee-Harvard, Cleveland

Home to the first African American owned shopping center in the country, this suburban neighborhood is rich in history and culture. Also known as “The Suburb in the City”.

3 Must Do’s in Lee-Harvard:

  1. Swing some clubs at the Highland Park Golf Course.
  2. Enjoy some Jamaican food at Pin Pin’s Kitchen.
  3. Visit the first ever African American owned shopping center.

Schools in Lee Harvard:

  1. Whitney M. Young – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Andrew J. Rickoff – High School

Little Italy, Cleveland

Guessing from the name you may know what “Little Italy” may stand for…. food, famous feasts, and history run wild in Little Italy.

3 Must Do’s in Little Italy:

  1. Dine at the oldest restaurant in Cleveland, Guarino’s. Authentic Italian food at it’s finest.
  2. Open everyday except Sunday’s head down to the Murray Hill Market.
  3. Explore the night life in Little Italy by stopping at Lounge Leo, a house that is a bar.

Schools in Little Italy:

  1. Daniel E. Morgan – Elementary School
  2. Mary Mcleod – Elementary & Middle School
  3. Glenville – High School

Midtown, Cleveland

Home to one of the oldest buildings in Cleveland, MidTown has rich history running through through the neighborhood, with even new construction on the way.

3 Must Do’s in MidTown:

  1. Go and catch a concert at The Agora Cleveland.
  2. Explore the streets of AsiaTown.
  3. Make sure to grab food from the famous Galluci’s.

Schools in MidTown:

  1. Mary B. Martin – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Martin Luther King Jr Campus – High School

Ohio City, Cleveland

Ohio City, Cleveland

This growing neighborhood has many hidden gems, including tons of amazing restaurants, unique bars, and family-friendly activities.

3 Must Do’s in Ohio City:

  1. Visit the historic West Side Market.
  2. Grab some coffee on your way to the Market at Phoenix Coffee – some of the best coffee in town.
  3. After exploring all day relax and this themed cocktail bar Porco Lounge & Tiki Room.

Schools in Ohio City:

  1. Scranton – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Garrett Morgan School of Engineering & Innovation – High School

Old Brooklyn, Cleveland

Old Brooklyn, Cleveland

A family-friendly neighborhood with tons of amazing attractions. Great food, and lots of fun in Old Brooklyn!

3 Must Do’s in Old Brooklyn:

  1. Explore over 3,000 animals at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
  2. Grab some locally fresh food from the Old Brooklyn Farmers Market.
  3. Eat some delicious food at Charlie’s Restaurant.

Schools in Ohio City:

  1. Benjamin Franklin – Elementary School
  2. William Rainey Harper – Middle School
  3. Old Brook – High School

Shaker Square, Cleveland

Shaker Square, Cleveland

Home to one of the oldest shopping districts in Cleveland, Shaker Square offers plenty of shopping and food for a fun day!

3 Must Do’s in Shaker Square:

  1. Of course exploring the streets and shopping.
  2. Visit a local brewing company, Great Lakes Brewing Company.
  3. Play some games and drink amazing coffee at the Tabletop Board Game and Café.

Schools in Shaker Square:

  1. Fernway – Elementary School
  2. Shaker Heights – Middle School
  3. Shaker Heights – High School

St. Clair Superior, Cleveland

Superior in people coming together to create an amazing community. A neighborhood full of art, design, manufacturing, and experiences.

3 Must Do’s in St. Clair Superior:

  1. Visit The Cleveland Museum of Art.
  2. Travel to another Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  3. East some great food on the edge of the lake at E55 on the Lake.

Schools in St. Clair Superior:

  1. Wade Park – Elementary & Middle School
  2. Saint Martin de Porres – High School

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