Spring is here, and so is the ever-changing temper of the weather. Getting your listing up and running on the MLS in bad weather can be rough, but luckily, TourDSpace Ohio is here to help.  We understand if delaying the photoshoot is the best option for you, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to delay.  

TourDSpace Ohio Real Estate Photography is experienced in all weather conditions! Rain or shine, we’ll make it happen the best of our efforts.

Check out what we did here: 

Gray apartment building with snow and gray skies
Gray apartment building photo after gray replaced with blue sky

The weather was definitely not in the best conditions, but placing a new sky in the background during our editing process changed things around. This sky replacement shows the listing in a new light, with a striking view of the sky.  

 You can even use our sky replacement service to give your listings some mood, if that’s what you’re into.

Light blue house in neighborhood in front of blue sky
Light blue house in neighborhood in front of gray sky

TourDSpace Ohio offers professional real estate photography and video at no upfront cost, all billed through escrow after close. Simply send our invoice to your title company upon opening of escrow, and once closed, we receive payment as just another closing cost to you and your sellers. 

Give us a call today to schedule your real estate listing photoshoot with TourDSpace Ohio.


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